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PayPal transactions from the old ecommerce website (which also used PayPal standard), allow you to create a shipping label from within PayPal. This is part of the current workflow for SPD staff when fulfilling orders. Orders created from the new website do not allow you to print the label (because there is no shipping address associated with them). Search Drupal Commerce PayPal module issue queues or other forums to see if anyone else has reported this and if there is a way to make it do so. Perhaps one of the other PayPal payment methods would work?

Right now the text assumes the old-style way of ordering for wholesale customers.

Instead, it should be re-written to describe 

  • how to create wholesale account
  • how wholesale prices are automatically calculated in the shop and in the cart when you are logged in with your wholesale account

The rule for sending out this email has spaces between some of the lines, but they are not reflected in the actual email.

The same rule also has 2 email actions: one "Send E-mail" and one "Send HTML E-mail"

Currently, the site:mail address is and this needs to be changed to

For instance, when a wholesale customer creates an account, the email that gets sent out right now it is sent to Maria.

Probably the rule that runs when a wholesale customer account is updated needs to be modified as well. We need to double check that all the rules that send out email use the [site:mail] token.

Need SPD staff to use the Manage Variations page,, to double check all the details of the products, like dimensions and weight.

In particular, from Jen:

I estimated the dimensions of the Piping Hot Cording based on the picture. I'm also not sure that the weight is correct. Donna (or Sue), would you please double-check the dimensions and weight for this product and update as necessary?

Thanks, Jen


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